The Ultimate Park: Disney

Walt Disney has been the father of modern parks, has created the charm and the rules, but above all, created a “magic” that no other person in the world will ever be able to reproduce.

The reason why Disney parks keep their uniqueness over time is very simple and resides in its background, strong in the characters universally known and loved by entire generations, and will never see its popularity from those of lesser competition. The Disney Company, with its tentacular branches in every field of entertainment and technology, even after the death of its founder, resists and consolidates in the face of constant and impressive investments, with billions of dawn, like a state of small size.

The starting point to begin treating Disney parks is in California and precisely in Anaheim, in the suburbs of the immense Los Angeles. In los angeles, except for the small downtown, there are no skyscrapers worthy of that name, and the city expands into suburbs connected by the famous freeways, huge 4/6 lanes for each driving direction. And in the suburb of Anaheim, which began in 1955, was the modern park of the Disneyland, which in just a few years saw its growing unrivaled success as new and increasingly modern attractions.

After only a few years, from 1963 to 1965, Walt went looking for another area within the states to build his main dream, creating a community in perpetual gaming and technology evolution. The Florida state was chosen in the orange county region and secretly, Disney bought them, having flipped over and pronounced the famous “this is perfect”, well 27,344 acres of land at the price of $ 180 per acre.

The total amount was $ 5.5 million, and on November 15, 1965, Walt and his brother Roy, at a press conference in Orlando, presented a draft plan with an initial $ 100 million spending. Unfortunately, in December 1966, walt Disney died without having seen the start of work, which left in 1969 after the project had undergone several changes, leading to the creation of a giant area dedicated to family fun. The original project was the magic kingdom, an improved copy of California’s Disneyland and the complete self-sufficiency of the whole complex as energy, public order and viability.

Virtually Disneyworld is a small state, with power plants, private roads, shops, staff accommodations, public order service, transportation service and everything that contributes to the proper functioning of such a large area of ​​land. The favorable climatic conditions in the area mean that every year of the year millions of people travel to spend their vacations here, contributing to the tremendous growth of the city of Orlando that practically lives on the existence of Disneyworld and other parks which have been built in close proximity in recent years by competing organizations.

For a true fan of theme parks, it is absolutely necessary to spend at least 10/15 days in this incredible place where children come back, enchanted and captivated by the fascination of fantasy and the latest discoveries of technology. On 1 October 1971 magic kingdom was inaugurated and in the following years, in addition to countless hotels and golf courses, epcot parks (1982), mgm studios (1989) and river country water parks (1976), typhoon lagoon (1989 ) and blizzard beach (1996). The discovery island ornithological park (which will be later closed) is still missing, the pleasure island nightlife park and Disney village marketplace (which since 1998 is named downtown Disney), the reign of Disney merchandising and minor attractions.

In April 1998, a new, grand Disney animal kingdom park was inaugurated. The Disney company has not only been in Florida for years, but has also found time to build a third park in Japan (Tokyo Disneyland, followed by Tokyo Disney sea) and a quarter in Paris in 1992 (eurodisneyland Paris , since a few years renamed Disneyland Paris resort), as well as adding Disneyland in California to Disney California adventure. Finally, in 2005 will be inaugurated the second Disney park in Asia: Hong Kong Disneyland.



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