Games For Theme Park Building

Best Games That Simulate Theme Park Building

Simulators have been popular games over the years for how they offer people great ways to build their own distinct environments. Theme parks are especially great places highlighted in such simulators. People love to build their own parks and rides while focusing on what they can do to create some of the most fun places in the world for anyone to be in. This listing of the best theme park builders shows plenty of games with some fun features with each being distinct from one another.

Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is a thrilling game that gives users the freedom to customize their virtual parks in any way they see fit. People can operate and organize their parks with many outstanding features and attributes including coasters designed with very specific features and details all around. The game does very well with simulating how a theme park can be run as it gives people full control over all the fun things they want to do while working to attain certain objectives throughout the game.


Those who are looking for something a little less intensive will enjoy Parkitect. It uses a simple layout that focuses more on the general arrangement and placing of items in a theme park. But it does give people the freedom to design coasters and figure out how to get different attractions and features all around a spot within a certain budget. The game requires plenty of creativity and strategy for anyone to succeed.


This modern classic game focuses on the customers. The game is more about what a park can do to entertain its guests. The focus involves getting guests to feel at home at a park while finding way to improve the overall satisfaction rating for each person. This can be done with many fun features and rides around a park. The ways how the people inside the park interact with each other is distinct as it offers a fun way to create some real challenges all the way through.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

The Roller Coaster Tycoon series of games is the gold standard for theme park building as it is the series that helped make it famous. The third and most recent version of the game features many special control points and customization features that make it an outstanding thing for anyone to play along with.

Theme Park

The original Theme Park game was released in 1994 and was so influential that it has been released many times over on different platforms including on some mobile ones. Much of what makes Theme Park so prominent is that it concentrates on getting a park to stay operational in terms of both keeping the rides up and staying within budget. The game offers a good mix of design and financial aspects that make it challenging as players try and keep their parks running without risking them shutting down or having serious difficulties.

The features of these theme park simulators are all great but each game is designed for different people. Think about what you might be interested in when playing a good game that highlights what you can get out of such a park.

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