The Ultimate Park: Disney

Walt Disney has been the father of modern parks, has created the charm and the rules, but above all, created a “magic” that no other person in the world will ever be able to reproduce.

The reason why Disney parks keep their uniqueness over time is very simple and resides in its background, strong in the characters universally known and loved by entire generations, and will never see its popularity from those of lesser competition. The Disney Company, with its tentacular branches in every field of entertainment and technology, even after the death of its founder, resists and consolidates in the face of constant and impressive investments, with billions of dawn, like a state of small size.

The starting point to begin treating Disney parks is in California and precisely in Anaheim, in the suburbs of the immense Los Angeles. In los angeles, except for the small downtown, there are no skyscrapers worthy of that name, and the city expands into suburbs connected by the famous freeways, huge 4/6 lanes for each driving direction. And in the suburb of Anaheim, which began in 1955, was the modern park of the Disneyland, which in just a few years saw its growing unrivaled success as new and increasingly modern attractions.

After only a few years, from 1963 to 1965, Walt went looking for another area within the states to build his main dream, creating a community in perpetual gaming and technology evolution. The Florida state was chosen in the orange county region and secretly, Disney bought them, having flipped over and pronounced the famous “this is perfect”, well 27,344 acres of land at the price of $ 180 per acre.

The total amount was $ 5.5 million, and on November 15, 1965, Walt and his brother Roy, at a press conference in Orlando, presented a draft plan with an initial $ 100 million spending. Unfortunately, in December 1966, walt Disney died without having seen the start of work, which left in 1969 after the project had undergone several changes, leading to the creation of a giant area dedicated to family fun. The original project was the magic kingdom, an improved copy of California’s Disneyland and the complete self-sufficiency of the whole complex as energy, public order and viability.

Virtually Disneyworld is a small state, with power plants, private roads, shops, staff accommodations, public order service, transportation service and everything that contributes to the proper functioning of such a large area of ​​land. The favorable climatic conditions in the area mean that every year of the year millions of people travel to spend their vacations here, contributing to the tremendous growth of the city of Orlando that practically lives on the existence of Disneyworld and other parks which have been built in close proximity in recent years by competing organizations.

For a true fan of theme parks, it is absolutely necessary to spend at least 10/15 days in this incredible place where children come back, enchanted and captivated by the fascination of fantasy and the latest discoveries of technology. On 1 October 1971 magic kingdom was inaugurated and in the following years, in addition to countless hotels and golf courses, epcot parks (1982), mgm studios (1989) and river country water parks (1976), typhoon lagoon (1989 ) and blizzard beach (1996). The discovery island ornithological park (which will be later closed) is still missing, the pleasure island nightlife park and Disney village marketplace (which since 1998 is named downtown Disney), the reign of Disney merchandising and minor attractions.

In April 1998, a new, grand Disney animal kingdom park was inaugurated. The Disney company has not only been in Florida for years, but has also found time to build a third park in Japan (Tokyo Disneyland, followed by Tokyo Disney sea) and a quarter in Paris in 1992 (eurodisneyland Paris , since a few years renamed Disneyland Paris resort), as well as adding Disneyland in California to Disney California adventure. Finally, in 2005 will be inaugurated the second Disney park in Asia: Hong Kong Disneyland.



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Building a Coaster

Many people choose to spend their summer at theme parks. A roller coaster draws the major enticement at theme parks. Few people are infatuated with them and many people normally like them. It introduces heart-stopping seconds and screaming stir up loops and turns. The boundaries around its designs are slowly fading out, and introductions to new technology and safer new materials are now added.

Land, space, and money are needed to build a roller coaster, and typically, most people don’t have them. Usually, roller coaster needs to provide work for several engineers; dozens of laborers and finally, it cost a million dollars. In spite of this, even though you can’t have a life-size roller coaster, you can still have pleasure creating them that are nearly like their full-size counterparts. There are easier ways on how to build a roller coaster.But What qualifications do you need to build a roller coaster?.Here the qualifications.

(1) Ability to Purchase Materials and Tools.

Steel and other construction materials, heavy machinery, engineers, papers and other design tools, and electronic motor are the first things required so that you may qualify in building a roller coaster.

(2)Approved Paperwork’s by Government

To begin with, check the requirements and go to the appropriate government agency. The specifications will vary depending on the state or country. At any rate, your design should meet the minimum safety standards. You can’t hasten this step and it takes time. Building a roller coaster can be risky without notifying authorities.

(3) Gathering the expertise Building Team

The coaster cannot be built by one person. Architects and engineers are needed to work. Listen to what the engineers and the surveyors say. They’ll be the one to notify you on how much space will you use in the area you chose. Coordination is needed here. Don’t forget the safety features when checking the costs.

(4) Having a ready-to-go Track Assembly

The building can start when the site is ready. You can start by estimating the total length. Next, determine the altitude of the initial hill. This aspect will establish the speed for the rest of the ride. 262 feet is the ideal setting.

(5)Capability to create slopes.

The initial slope can be decisive. This establishes the force it will carry for other slopes. The slope with a curvature at the lower portion can give you the best results. The path must also be flat. The coaster moves following the first hill should be the exit path. The slope must be low for safety reasons. 230 feet is the ideal height for hill two. The machine gets the weightlessness at this level whenever anyone rides. This aspect is essential in creating your ride.

The bigger you want, the longer your project will take. The important thing is, don’t hurry things up. When the building was speedily done, accidents may occur. Persons involved should avoid this. Maintenance is a must. You should have the inspectors check the quality of your machine. You should regularly assess the electronic motor. Qualified personnel should evaluate each component.Testing the machine should be done before introducing it to the public. Trained people should be there to assist passengers in case of emergencies.

A great effort is needed in building a roller coaster. Have it enjoyable and safe but be serious in making the plan and consideration

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Top 10 Coasters

There is nothing to compare with the extreme thrill of getting a roller coaster ride. Favorite roller coasters such Formula Rossa, Oblivion Kingda Ka, Superman, Black Mamba and so on. Escape from Krypton can genuinely exceed a speed of 100 mph. Below are Top 10 roller coasters in the world.

1. Formula Rossa – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Now the fastest in the world, you will be flung over its track at a maximum speed of 240km/h. Be warned, it goes airborne at a point and travels about 52m into the air. You are always advised to wear the stylish safety goggles.

2. Black Mamba

Located in Phantasialand, Germany, thriller cost about €11million to build and is an inverted roller, meaning that it travels beneath the rails. You feel an acceleration of up to 4.5G as you fly via dark tunnels and ravines.

3. Oblivion

Opened in Alton Towers, in the UK in 1998, it was the first vertical ��dive’ roller coaster, plummeting at more than 109km/h from a 54m height. Oblivion is a vast pit that the cars disappeared and based on the excellent videos played, a place from which certain carriages have never come back.

4. Superman: Krypton Coaster – Texas, USA

The San Antonio’s Superman is a floorless coaster that throws you via the biggest loop, 360 degrees at above 44m in the air. It is thrilling visitors for about 13 years and was due to have some makeover; however, fans were appalled at the idea that it looks like Superman will stay.

5. Space Mountain

Located in Disneyland Park, France. It is the distant cousin of the original Space Mountain of Disneyworld Florida; this Parisian sequel is notable to its right. The first to use onboard audio, it’ the only Space Mountain to have several inversions as well as remains the most popular attraction for the park after 17 years.

6. The Inferno

Benidorm is an excellent home to the Inferno– one of two Europe’s ball coasters. The park is usually split into five various thematic zones, and you’ll find it in Ancient Rome.

7. Coney Island Cyclone – US

Not many coasters can be said to be high historical importance. Opened in 1927, a certified landmark of New York City. It was neglected for just a short period and reopened in 1975 after being refurbished and still operates now. It reaches up to 97km/h in speed and has a drop of 26m. Coney Island Cyclone is great for an 85-year-old.

8. Takabisha – Fuji-Q, Japan

As if hurtling towards the Earth at a speed of 100km/h is not sufficient, it involves a free-fall of 121-degree, with seven primary twists on the way.

9. Kingda Ka – United State’s Six Flags Great Adventure

If you just find yourself at 46 stories up after being horizontally catapulted at 206km/h, you’re likely to be on Kingda Ka, the tallest roller coaster in the world. If heights are not your thing then do not worry, the entire trip lasts for just 59 seconds.

10. Silver Star

Located in Europa Park, Germany, towering at 73m, it is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz that is why you will get a full-scale copy of Mercedes-Benz Formula One in the entrance of the ride. It takes up to 1,750 people per hour up and speeds at 130km/h over a series of hills.



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Building a New Park

Cost of the Amusement

There is nothing more fun than spending the days screaming on an exciting trip or spending all your salary on games, yet putting your hard earned money to build an amusement park is another story. These days, the cost of building such a place is billions. However, it depends on where and the extent of the park. First, it is the land and the location that is all.

Then you need the essentials like insurance, building permits, contractors and individuals to build the park and a theme in case you have one. It will also require that representatives work there when the building is finished and can hire maintenance personnel and an attorney if someone tries to sue him for any reason. Also, you will require food; and I do not mean going to BJ to buy mass, however, having partnerships with companies, prizes for games and the most important thing is advertising.

Unless you are already a billionaire, you will need to take out loans, which have a cost to eliminating them. You’ll need to hire accountants, managers and others to make the place work easily and, if conceivable, build a park accommodation to attract more customers. Considering everything, the invoice is around $ 2 to $ 200 billion if you look at a large amusement park cash in which you win over time, it will depend on the business and your close attention to the benefit of the customer that can make or break your deal.

How to Start an Amusement Park

The amusement park industry has shown constant attendance and income development over the last twenty years. [1] But not all parks are a victory. While a highly planned amusement park can generate steady income and huge amounts of capital, a badly planned one can be cash well. For your amusement park to be safe, both for your visitors and your investors, you must plan carefully, assemble an experienced team to manage the scheme and development, and carefully train your staff to ensure a smooth opening.

Planning your park and attracting capital

1. Select the type of amusement park that will open.

You will need to do market research to decide the scope of the market and the competitors in your area. In case there is already a park established in the area, it will be easier to enter the market if your park offers a substantially unique experience, whether regarding attractions or theme. The two main types of parks are water parks and emotion-based parks, which include exciting rides and other types of attractions. There are seven main types of theme. However, many parks join several of them

Adventure: exciting rides, riddle, action.

Futurism – Discovery, exploration, science, apply autonomy, science fiction.

Nature – Animals, gardens, natural miracles.

Fantasy: cartoon characters, magic, myths and legends.

History and culture – Historical atmosphere, areas with period themes.

Movies – Rides based on movies, acrobatics shows, in the background.

2. Decide between franchising or starting a new park.

Although starting your park will allow you greater control over the attractions offered and the style of the park, it also implies a greater risk. Starting a franchise will give you more support and a proven brand that will help raise capital. For an entrepreneur for the first time, it is a safer option.

3. Have an experienced group to conduct a feasibility study.

Amusement parks require a lot of capital to start, and it makes no sense to waste time and effort if there is no market for your park. The local market and tourist market, industry patterns and local competition to estimate costs, income and number of freshmen visitors can expect. This last number is colossally important since the number of first-year visitors will decide the amount that must spend to build a park that can accommodate them. Estimate too low, and your park will be full. Estimate too high, and your park will fail because of the inability to recover




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Games For Theme Park Building

Best Games That Simulate Theme Park Building

Simulators have been popular games over the years for how they offer people great ways to build their own distinct environments. Theme parks are especially great places highlighted in such simulators. People love to build their own parks and rides while focusing on what they can do to create some of the most fun places in the world for anyone to be in. This listing of the best theme park builders shows plenty of games with some fun features with each being distinct from one another.

Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is a thrilling game that gives users the freedom to customize their virtual parks in any way they see fit. People can operate and organize their parks with many outstanding features and attributes including coasters designed with very specific features and details all around. The game does very well with simulating how a theme park can be run as it gives people full control over all the fun things they want to do while working to attain certain objectives throughout the game.


Those who are looking for something a little less intensive will enjoy Parkitect. It uses a simple layout that focuses more on the general arrangement and placing of items in a theme park. But it does give people the freedom to design coasters and figure out how to get different attractions and features all around a spot within a certain budget. The game requires plenty of creativity and strategy for anyone to succeed.


This modern classic game focuses on the customers. The game is more about what a park can do to entertain its guests. The focus involves getting guests to feel at home at a park while finding way to improve the overall satisfaction rating for each person. This can be done with many fun features and rides around a park. The ways how the people inside the park interact with each other is distinct as it offers a fun way to create some real challenges all the way through.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

The Roller Coaster Tycoon series of games is the gold standard for theme park building as it is the series that helped make it famous. The third and most recent version of the game features many special control points and customization features that make it an outstanding thing for anyone to play along with.

Theme Park

The original Theme Park game was released in 1994 and was so influential that it has been released many times over on different platforms including on some mobile ones. Much of what makes Theme Park so prominent is that it concentrates on getting a park to stay operational in terms of both keeping the rides up and staying within budget. The game offers a good mix of design and financial aspects that make it challenging as players try and keep their parks running without risking them shutting down or having serious difficulties.

The features of these theme park simulators are all great but each game is designed for different people. Think about what you might be interested in when playing a good game that highlights what you can get out of such a park.

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