Top 10 Coasters

There is nothing to compare with the extreme thrill of getting a roller coaster ride. Favorite roller coasters such Formula Rossa, Oblivion Kingda Ka, Superman, Black Mamba and so on. Escape from Krypton can genuinely exceed a speed of 100 mph. Below are Top 10 roller coasters in the world.

1. Formula Rossa – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Now the fastest in the world, you will be flung over its track at a maximum speed of 240km/h. Be warned, it goes airborne at a point and travels about 52m into the air. You are always advised to wear the stylish safety goggles.

2. Black Mamba

Located in Phantasialand, Germany, thriller cost about €11million to build and is an inverted roller, meaning that it travels beneath the rails. You feel an acceleration of up to 4.5G as you fly via dark tunnels and ravines.

3. Oblivion

Opened in Alton Towers, in the UK in 1998, it was the first vertical ��dive’ roller coaster, plummeting at more than 109km/h from a 54m height. Oblivion is a vast pit that the cars disappeared and based on the excellent videos played, a place from which certain carriages have never come back.

4. Superman: Krypton Coaster – Texas, USA

The San Antonio’s Superman is a floorless coaster that throws you via the biggest loop, 360 degrees at above 44m in the air. It is thrilling visitors for about 13 years and was due to have some makeover; however, fans were appalled at the idea that it looks like Superman will stay.

5. Space Mountain

Located in Disneyland Park, France. It is the distant cousin of the original Space Mountain of Disneyworld Florida; this Parisian sequel is notable to its right. The first to use onboard audio, it’ the only Space Mountain to have several inversions as well as remains the most popular attraction for the park after 17 years.

6. The Inferno

Benidorm is an excellent home to the Inferno– one of two Europe’s ball coasters. The park is usually split into five various thematic zones, and you’ll find it in Ancient Rome.

7. Coney Island Cyclone – US

Not many coasters can be said to be high historical importance. Opened in 1927, a certified landmark of New York City. It was neglected for just a short period and reopened in 1975 after being refurbished and still operates now. It reaches up to 97km/h in speed and has a drop of 26m. Coney Island Cyclone is great for an 85-year-old.

8. Takabisha – Fuji-Q, Japan

As if hurtling towards the Earth at a speed of 100km/h is not sufficient, it involves a free-fall of 121-degree, with seven primary twists on the way.

9. Kingda Ka – United State’s Six Flags Great Adventure

If you just find yourself at 46 stories up after being horizontally catapulted at 206km/h, you’re likely to be on Kingda Ka, the tallest roller coaster in the world. If heights are not your thing then do not worry, the entire trip lasts for just 59 seconds.

10. Silver Star

Located in Europa Park, Germany, towering at 73m, it is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz that is why you will get a full-scale copy of Mercedes-Benz Formula One in the entrance of the ride. It takes up to 1,750 people per hour up and speeds at 130km/h over a series of hills.



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